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In a stunning upset, The Faction AU--ominously dubbed "Goshsquad" for the tournament--finalized a first place finish at the Australian/New Zealand Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Major League Gaming ACL 5k tournament. The team went on to take out top New Zealand team iGnitionZ in the semi-finals 3 maps to 1 and went 3 to 2 against top-tier Australian team AVANT-Garde in the best-of-5 grand finals. The team crushed the preliminary rounds, only dropping four maps in the whole tournament.

"I'm very proud of this Call of Duty squad," said The Faction owner and AU Call of Duty Head Coach Ken Serra."Winning this first tournament as a fresh unit is outstanding and I know the members of this squad have bright futures. Their passion is intense and it was really fun working with them, despite the time zone difference, to improving their game for the 5k. It's rare to find young players with excellent work ethic like these guys."

The Faction AU roster consists of Luke "Louqa" Rigas, Alex "Blue" Nelson, Mihai "Vrnzon" Todor, and Clayton "Barnyy" Ferguson. The squad has been together for four days at the point of this article and have been practicing hard as a unit every day. For winning the tournament, they have each been granted 5,000 MLG Pro Points, points they must accumulate to acquire better seedings at major LAN tournaments.

You can follow them on twitter here:

Gameplay Footage: The Faction AU vs. AVANT-Garde - Grand Finals Map 1 Hardpoint @ Solar


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